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Independence received its name when the town was established in 1876, the year of the Centennial celebration of American Independence. It was incorporated in 1885 with a census of 350 people. And today, the tranquil City of Independence has a population of 1,339 people.

The City is situated at the confluence of Elk Creek and the Trempealeau River. Elk Creek flows from the North through the beautiful Pleasant Valley into Bugle Lake and then into the Trempealeau River, a tributary of the mighty Mississippi. The City lies on a plain which is surrounded by wooded hills and valleys, with roads radiating in all directions through the rolling hills and picturesque farm land. Bugle Lake is located in the heart of the city and is home to many types of fish including trout, sunfish, blue gills and perch. It is also the location of one of Wisconsin's most popular ice fishing contests which is held on the first Saturday in February.